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hey, welcome!

Meet your Videographer


I am so incredibly honored that you are here, seeing potential in my passion and considering trusting me with your story. Let me just say, I love what I do and I would be ecstatic to document whatever season of life you're in! 

My Story:

I love creating, and I love telling a story. Growing up I always had a book, or five, on hand and would spend my days tucked behind a couch immersing myself in their worlds. I began dancing when I was ten years old, and continued all throughout high school into college. I realize now I needed both mediums to learn how to express and convey a story, and to understand the way music has the astonishing capabilities to elevate moments. I have fallen in love with crafting films based off of the raw, genuine emotions in life, and strive to display the honest, beautiful, and sometimes messy version of your story.


I started my film journey with a GoPro, creating short videos from family trips, hikes, snowboarding adventures, days with friends, and so on. From the moment I started, I was hooked. There was something about capturing the truly authentic moments - hearing the laughter in the clips, seeing the wide grins, watching loved ones joke and interact - that touched my heart. I believe there is no other thing like it then seeing your life replayed in motion.

how it  started... it's going!

In 2020 I dove headfirst into filming my first wedding. This was where I discovered my passion for capturing love and sentiment. I couldn't believe that documenting fun days with my friends, my family, beach trips, or hiking adventures led me to creating a film that highlights one of the most heartfelt, emotional days in a couple's life.

The videos I create are genuine, and the emotions involved speak for themselves. Life is wonderful, send me a message and let's create some art that captures it. 

ready for a uniquely curated + crafted story of your love?

We've worked together before?? 

tell me how i did!
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